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Lash Extensions 101

Lashes have been a staple in the glamour world for years. Enhancing mascaras, growth serums, and eyelash curlers are staple, everyday products for most women in their daily beauty routines. However, no lash style is quite as noticeable or as luxurious as eyelash extensions. When they first came on the market they proved to be a way to achieve beautiful and high quality lashes without the trouble of mascara and falsies. Waking up in the morning with a flawless pair of eyelashes every day, makes it an easy and popular choice for women everywhere.


High quality eyelash extensions are applied with the help of a semi-permanent adhesive to every natural lash by a trained lash stylist (or lash professional) in a salon. Eyelash extensions are most often applied onto your top lash line only, and not on your bottom lash line.

Eyelash extensions can be applied to your natural lashes either individually or in a cluster. You can achieve a full set appearance which means lash extensions can be applied to all of your lashes, or a half set when the extensions can be applied to your natural lashes from the center to the outside of your lash line. At Dulce Beauty we offer some of the best lash extensions in Vancouver. Choose from Classic Lashes, 3D Volume Lashes, 6D Russian Volume, or Mega Volume.

Read more about our different lash services options:

Classic Lashes - 1:1 The most natural set of lashes. One single lash extension is placed on the natural lash

3D Volume Lashes - 3:1 Light volume set to give more thicker lash line. A "fan" is created using 2-4 lashes to create more dimension and give the client more fullness

6D Russian Volume - 6:1 Full volume set gives clients DRAMA. Volume fans are made of 5-7 lashes to create a dark and full lash line.

Mega Volume - 10:1 This is the ultimate lash look! Mega Volume is created using 10-15 ultra fine lashes to create dark, bold and beautiful lashes.


If you want your lashes to last and continue to look nice there are some considerations for after your appointment.

Do not wet your extensions in the first 48 hours:

Try not to have physical contact with water and steam in the very first 48 hours after your eyelash extension appointment.

Do not apply cleansers and oil:

Try not to apply any oil-based lash care product on your lash extensions. These products might include facial oils, cleansers, and oil serums as the oil will cause the adhesive glue to dissolve.

Avoid standing under the showerhead for a large period:

Dermatologists claim that the unnecessary weight of the water can cause premature breakages of lash extensions.

Sleep on your side:

If you sleep on your stomach, your eyelashes' extensions are more likely to be pressed and rubbed against your pillowcase, ultimately causing breakage and fallout.

Do not rub your eyes:

If you keep touching your lash extensions, this is more likely to weaken your extensions and ultimately cause breakage and fall out.

Avoid using an eyelash curler:

After you have applied for the lash extensions, it is recommended to never use a mechanical eyelash curler. In case you notice a loss of curl in your extensions, you can use a heated eyelash curler to smoothly curl them.


You Look Put Together:

One of the best benefits of having lash extensions is the ability to look all put together all the time. You’ve got voluminous luxury lashes all day!

It Saves Your Time:

Your eyelash extensions help you to save your time. No need to mess with mascara and eyeliner in the mornings. You can just be on your way.

It Enhances Your Beauty:

Not only do eyelash extensions increase the volume of your natural lash line, but they can also amplify your natural beauty and bring out your best features. You can feel confident going out without wearing makeup or using other beauty products.

It is Safe to Use:

Unlike many other beauty procedures, there are no harsh chemicals in using eyelash extensions making it a healthier, more natural option.


Your high-quality eyelashes extension procedure will be convenient and pain-free. Please follow the following precautions:

Eyelash extension application time:

The timing of the application of your eyelash extension can change according to the type of look you are willing to achieve. The application of a full set of extensions may take around 2 hours. Eyelashes should be filled every 2-3 weeks.

Refrain from caffeine before your appointment:

We recommend the clients avoid caffeine intake before the appointment so they can relax during their appointment and make it easier for their technician to precisely apply the lashes.

Do not wear eye makeup on your appointment day:

Make sure that you arrive with no makeup on including concealer and foundation. Waterproof mascara should be washed 24 hours before the procedure.

Do not wear contact lenses during appointment:

Please wear glasses to your appointment. If you are wearing contact lenses then please keep bringing your case and solution so that you can remove your lenses before the application. Contact lenses can be reapplied immediately after the lash appointment.

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