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What is Sugaring


Sugaring is an ancient hair removal method that uses only sugar, water and citric acid. 


The sugar paste is molded onto the skin and removed, taking the hair with it. Hair is removed in the direction of the follicle growth which leads to less breakage and ingrown hairs. 


Sugaring requires little to no after care and overtime regular sugaring services will lead to a significant reduction in the amount of hair growth.


It's safe, natural, and for some a superior service to waxing.



The three major differences between sugaring and waxing are:


1) Sugar is only heated to body temperature which reduces the chance of burning the skin.

2) Sugaring tends to hurt less than waxing and leave less irritation and redness behind. 

3) With sugaring, hair is removed in the same direction as the follicle growth. With waxing, the hair is removed in the opposite direction as the follicle growth. 

Pls note Dulce ONLY waxes Vulvas (AFAB) 

*not currently waxing/sugaring Men*

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