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Dermaplaning 101

Dermaplaning is a new, innovative, exciting trend that offers you the opportunity to step out of your current exfoliation routine. Dermaplaning is sometimes referred to as 'shaving your face', but it's much more than that. It’s a method of facial hair removal that uses a scalpel to gently remove the peach fuzz (dirt and vellus hair). It acts as an effective exfoliation technique that removes dead skin cells and reveals a smoother, brighter skin tone. Dermaplaning is especially popular amongst people who don’t want to use any sort of chemicals to exfoliate.

Dulce Beauty offers a luxurious dermaplaning treatment that provides immediate results with no discomfort and leaves your face looking brighter and you feeling better.


In daily lives, our skin faces continuous exposure to pollution, UV rays and other environmental chemicals. Overtime, our skin begins to dull and lose its luster due to dead skin cells accumulating on the top layer of our skin. Exposure to irritants can also cause skin to become rough, wrinkly, or develop acne which can leave scars.

During the Dermaplaning treatment, the damaged top layer of our skin and all the dead skin cells, acne marks, wrinkles, and baby hairs are skimmed off allowing for new, fresh skin to show. Some acne scars may be too deep-rooted to be removed but can be greatly improved with the help of Dermaplaning.

Another positive benefit of Dermaplaning is because it’s removing the top layer of the skin it’s also removing any barriers that would stop skincare from penetrating. This means that your skin care products and routines would work more effectively alongside dermaplaning services. Dermaplaning will help your face stay cleaner by removing hair that has trapped oils and dirt and minimize your pores.


At Dulce Beauty, during your Dermaplaning treatment, we gently guide the dermatome to evenly shaving your face. You can either choose to dermaplane your entire face or just the areas you are looking to treat. Dermaplaning should be done every 3 to 4 weeks.


Consult your Dermatologist:

Dermatologist expert Dr. Anjali Matho, author of 'the Skincare Bible', explains that dermaplaning does not damage your skin, nor does it have any negative side effects especially if you have a normal skin type. However, if you have skin allergies, sensitivities, hormone imbalances, or any other skin conditions it might be best to consult with a dermatologist before booking a dermaplaning treatment.

Go To A Professional:

While it is possible to attempt dermaplaning at home, it’s best to have it done by a trained professional. Dermaplaning is a refined and careful approach to removing skin cells and vellus hair that requires a lot of precision to ensure best results without harming or damaging the skin.


When preparing for your dermaplaning appointment try not to exfoliate for three to five days before your treatment. Also avoid facial waxing one to two weeks before your treatment. If you are experiencing a bout of active acne, please reschedule your dermaplaning appointment. Arrive with a clean, makeup free face, relaxed and ready for your relaxing, enjoyable treatment!


Dermaplaning requires very little aftercare in order to be effective but there are a few considerations. Avoid steam rooms and saunas for at least 24 hours after your treatment. Don't use any other exfoliating products within 24 hours of your dermaplaning treatment. Ensure that you keep your post appointment skin clean and moisturized and avoid the use of any harsh materials on your face.

We, at Dulce Beauty, will give you the luxurious and high-quality dermaplaning in Vancouver you deserve. With medical-grade tools, a friendly atmosphere, and thorough sanitization, we value results as well as comfort above all.

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