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Lash Extensions

Classic Lashes - 1:1 The most natural set of lashes.  One single lash extension is placed on the natural lash

3D Volume Lashes - 3:1 Light volume set to give more thicker lash line.  A "fan" is created using 2-4 lashes to create more dimension and give the client more fullness

6D Russian Volume - 6:1 Full volume set gives clients DRAMA.  Volume fans are made of 5-7 lashes to create a dark and full lash line.

Mega Volume - 10:1 This is the ultimate lash look!  Mega Volume is created using 10-15 ultra fine lashes to create dark, bold and beautiful lashes.

Before Your Appointment


  • Please arrive 10-15 min early for your consultation and to fill out any necessary forms.

  • Lashes need to be 100% free of makeup and oils! Lash extensions will not adhere to dirty lashes.  

  • It is best to wait until your lashes have relaxed to its natural state before having another lash lift. If you’ve had a lift within the last 6-8 weeks the retention of your extensions cannot be guaranteed. 

After Your Appointment

  • Don’t get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours

  • Don’t apply mascara or false (strip) eyelashes onto your extensions – you will ruin them!

  • Don’t rub your eyes

  • Don’t use any oily or oil-based products around your eyes

  • Don’t wear heavy eye makeup on a daily basis

  • Don’t use mascara, cream shadows, and gel/pencil liners

  • Do clean extensions from dirt, grime and makeup residue with foaming cleanser

  •  Do use oil free makeup remover (we love our – gentle foaming cleanser!)

  • Do brush extensions daily with the provided– spoolie (mascara wand)

  • Do use a felt tip liner or powder shadow unless you need to

  • Do schedule fills every 2-3 weeks for timely touch-ups to keep lashes looking fresh

  • Do try and sleep on your back

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